Women in Graphic Design in AIGA [INFOGRAPHIC]

In Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest there were a series of lectures on the questions of the graphic design in 2011. One of the focus point was how the situation of women has been changing in this profession. The students of the Graphic Design department were asked to examine and visualise different topics of this theme. My choice was  to create an infographic poster about AIGA, the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design. The poster visualises the statistics of AIGA in 3 different aspects. Fisrtly, it surveys the history of AIGA medalists in the past and in the present and shows how the ratio of awarded women has been changing amongst the AIGA medalists. Secondly, there is a territorial focus. The poster presents the number of women amongst the presidents of the local chapters of AIGA. The third aspect examines the ratio of women amongst AIGA stuff members.

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