How Businesses Stay Connected [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new study from Manta of more than 600 small businesses showed that 90% of small business owners are actively engaged in social networking sites. The action is clear – it is crucial that your business is online and social. That is where your customers are and that is where you want to be. Don’t focus so much on what you’re competitors are doing, as their customers are different from yours. Along with your everyday business networking, you also need to integrate online networking. Only 18% of CEOs of the world’s top 50 biggest companies have social networking accounts. The problem is that maintaining an online profile is time-consuming and the risks of keeping up with one may be viewed as outweighing the rewards of having one. Twitter in particular has lost members of this CEO group. Though it may be a reasonable precaution for CEOs to take, the company does miss out on a powerful way to engage with their customers. A challenge for many Social Media Marketers is determining precisely when is the best time to post content so that it attracts the most likes, comments and retweets. LinchpinSEO recently analyzed the user engagement of more than 1,800 Facebook pages to determine the best days to post online by industry. It is important, however, to keep in mind that each brand is unique and that this information is a great starting point.

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